All You Need To Know About Lava Ocean Tours..

Plan a Lava Tour with your family in Hawaii. We, the Lava Ocean guided tours are back again with Big Island Tours. Guided tours by Lava Ocean tours are one of the highlights of Hawaiian Lava. There are 3 types of tours offered by us:

1.Guided Lava Hikes include: 

  •  Lava hike with interpretive lava guide
  •  Watching 1,000+ degree molten lava oozes across the land
  • Enjoy savory snacks and cold beverages onboard.
  • Daily Sunrise, Daytime, Twilight & Sunset Lava Tours available when in season.

   2. Lava Boat tours include:

  • Cruise on Lava Boat tours
  • See Lava and feel the Heat
  • Watch the birth of the earth
  • Explore Hawaii Volcanoes National Park Tours
  • Watch lava mixing up with ocean waters resulting into Ocean Lava

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